Teens in Transitions Coaching with Ms. Trish

Photo by Delpixart/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Delpixart/iStock / Getty Images

Since 2004, I have worked extensively with high school students across public, private, and charter school settings as a Teacher, College counselor, and Guidance Counselor.  My experience includes working with KIPP Schools, Alief ISD,  Incarnate Word Academy, St. Thomas High School, and Spring Branch ISD.  Recently, I served at Westchester Academy of International Studies as one of their Upper School Senior Counselors.   I enjoy helping students building various skill sets for a successful, purposeful future.  Having academic success is just one piece of a thriving student.  Students thrive when they have the following: 1) Personal and Authentic Connections 2) Goals for a Hopeful Future and 3)  A Strong Sense of Self-Esteem.  In addition, I help teenagers deal with the emotional ups and downs they face through adolescence.  My hope is that they can face future situations with a sense of resilience,  strong character, and sound decision-making. 

As a Teen Coach for Junior and Senior High School students, I empower them in the following areas:

  • Developing a Post-Secondary/College Preparation Plan -  Develop a customized and personal College plan, Identify Best Fit Schools (considering personality and price), Guidance with the College Applications(ApplyTexas, CommonApp), Guidance with Community College, Discernment in Final-Decision Making of College/University, Financial Aid (FAFSA, Scholarship opportunities), Prospecting College Major/Career Paths, Linking Students to Appropriate College Reps, Events, and College-Related Resources.  
  • Managing Anxiety/Coping with Stress/Building Healthy Living Routines - Identifying stress triggers, Building a self-care plan, Building positive resources, Applying practical coping strategies.
  • Relationship Resilience - Helping students in dealing with difficult relationships with peers, parents, siblings, etc. , Coaching students to build positive, healthy, supportive relationships among peers, Identifying negative or toxic relationships, Supporting students through romantic relationships.  
  • Building Effective, Real-World Communication Skills - Empowering students with real-world skills such as listening, learning how to type a professional email, being proactive in communicating with teachers, expressing feelings/needs, paying attention to social cues,  learning about first impressions, learning social media etiquette. 
  • Examining Identity/Purpose - Helping students who struggle with identity issues with sexual orientation, sense of purpose, "what do I do with my life" questions, and internal conflict. 
  • Intergenerational Conflict - Coaching students who experience cultural clash with their parents, often common with first generation students and immigrant parents.  

*Note--Teens in Transitions program is mainly for students in their 11th and 12th grade year in High School. 

For more information, please contact Tricia Miller at tricia@memorialcounselingcenter.com or 832-341-1870.