About Tricia Miller, M. Ed., LPC


The therapy room is your own personal learning lab where you discover the AHA moments that motivate you in life.

Connection is Key

I am a Houston-based Private-Practice Therapist & Educator who loves to connect with people in positive, sincere and meaningful ways.  Like many fellow Texans who have Texas-sized hearts and appetites, I strive to share that same hospitality with friends, family, and people I meet through my role as a Therapist.  My clinical background includes working extensively with adolescent teens and adults who experience with anxiety, depression, life transitions, and relationships issues. 

Through real, intimate conversations and a trusted relationship over time, I hope to ease emotional burdens and provide a safe and special sanctuary for clients to be themselves free of judgement.  Ultimately, my clients and I share a real, authentic connection.  

What to Expect From Me:

  • Someone who can Listen to You non judgmentally, attentively, and wholeheartedly.

  • Someone who Knows You inside and out.

  • Someone who can be Real with You in all different feelings and emotions.

  • Someone You can Laugh and Cry You through the joyful and stressful times.

  • Someone Who Can Share Your Fears and Worries times of uncertainty.

  • Someone Who Can Encourage and Empower You with tough decisions.

How Did I Get Here? Becoming a Therapist 

My professional journey started deep in the heart of Texas as I received my undergraduate degree in Business from The University of Texas at Austin, TX.   I spent several unfulfilling years after college in Corporate America, and in December 2001, I witnessed the fall of Enron Corporation working as a Business Analyst.  Shortly after, I took a risk, and ventured into a field where I would be able to connect more with people on a personal level.   I was craving a career path that involved authentic, real, and quality connections. 

In 2004, I started working as an Educator in the public school system working with at-risk adolescence.   By 2011, I completed my Masters in Counselor Education from the The University of Saint Thomas in Houston, TX.  I have spent over ten years working with adolescence in Secondary Education across private, public, and charter school settings serving students from all backgrounds in Alief ISD, KIPP Inc. Charter Schools, St. Thomas High School, Incarnate Word High School, and Spring Branch ISD.  Since 2014, I’ve worked primary with adults in private practice who face anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship distress, health issues and significant life changing transitions.

In the fall 2017, I fulfilled requirements to become a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).   Currently, I see clients in private practice at Memorial Counseling Center as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Life Coach.  In addition, I enjoy giving workshops in our community on a variety of mental health topics.  My next talk will be at the Postpartum Support International Conference in July 2018 in Houston, Texas on The Power of Self-Care: Empowering, Strengthening, and Building Resilience in Mothers.  

Outside the Therapy Room

Outside the therapy room, I am a proud Mom of two boys.  I make it a priority to practice regular self-care habits that manage stress, keep me centered, and allow me to live joyfully in the present.  Exercise brings me high levels of energy and positivity as I juggle work and home life.  I also enjoy cooking, traveling, and. going to the movies. Nothing brings me more joy than sharing a delightful meal with good friends and my large extended family!  As a first generation Filipino-American, I enjoy being around aunts, cousins, family friends in our spontaneous family gatherings often filled with music, laughter, story-telling, and of course, food!

Take Courage. Take the First Step!

If you are ready to overcome anxiety, live a healthier life, find balance in your stressed-out life, experience authentic relationships and/or pursue your sense of life's purpose, I would love the opportunity to work with you. As your Therapist, I hope to direct you towards a positive and progressive path that will allow you more energized, hopeful, and encouraged to manage the stressors in your life.  If you ready to take that first step with me, please Contact me at 832-341-1870 or tricia@memorialcounselingcenter.com.